Friday Link Pack

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Rock the Shack is a recent book by Gestalten on the architecture of cabins, cocoons and hide-outs. Lovely.

– “Dog Eat Dog,” a true (though humorously exaggerated) story about how actor Zachary Quinto adopted his first dog from a Los Angeles animal shelter.

– For all of you that use Apple’s Mail app, this article might be useful: Turning Into the Best Mac Email App

– One more Mail App related link: The Mail Act-on PlugIn lets you create email shortcuts within Apple’s Mail app. (Just like you can in Gmail or Sparrow)

– For all those crazy cat ladies.

– Made me laugh: 18 Complicated Scientific Ideas Explained Simply.

– Have you seen Paperman yet?

– Absolutely breathtaking photos. (via @nickbilton)

– Have a look inside Will Ferrel’s NYC home.

– Make your bike glow!

– The lovely folks at Petit Alma are looking to hire a Production Artist Intern.

How To Avoid Co-Founder Conflict

– Congrats to Hoefler & Frere-Jones for their new typeface Landmark. A beauty.

– Seriously beautiful patterned Japanese manhole covers!

Formula for Entrepreneurial Success. I currently struggle with people/coffees in #3.

– Listen to the amusing lyrics in this song. It might make you hungry.

– This Felt Pouf by Ligne Roset gets my thumbs up.

– I need a “NO” version of this banner to hang over my desk.

– On January 26th, three urban adventures walked the entire length of Broadway, 16miles in one one day, and documented interestingness they saw along the way: (Wish they would show more than just 25 pictures per person)

– What a gem Caterina found: The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner

– Everyone’s been talking about the Mailbox app that launched yesterday. My friend Max claims that Mailstrom is worth checking out. He is a smart man, so I trust his word.

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  1. – Turning Into the Best Mac Email App

    I implemented this a few weeks ago and have now got a few others in the office to adopt it and they are loving it! It kind of works in a similar (but lacking the UI) as the new Mailbox app.

  2. Never, ever, say no to people and/or coffee. Most of my successes in business happened because I agreed to meet somebody for a coffee.