Friday Link Pack

– Stanford experiment shows that virtual superpowers encourage real-world empathy.

– André Cassagnes, inventor of the Etch A Sketch, died Jan. 16 at the age of 86. Now, the brand’s ad agency, Team Detroit, has crafted this tribute to the man.

Tote Bag by Andrew Neyer.

Designing For The Modern Web

– Turn your baby into a unicorn with this hat.

8 Minutes of Earth’s Rotation.

– A kids suitcase that is also a Scooter? Scootcase!

Rusty collects quotes.

– Do you use Skype, Meeting Burner, Team Viewer or Google Hangout? Check out this Video Conferencing Shootout.

– Love the Jack N’Jill Natural Kids Toothpaste branding. Let’s see what my kids will think of the taste…

– Have a special someone in your life that loves Ping Pong? Get them a customized paddle.

– The Porsche 911: An ode to iteration

Do what you can to ‘exist’ today. – Michael Galpert

– My friend Anne is giving a Skillshare class in which she will teach you how to create visual maps. Interesting.

– Tiny Lightning Studs.

“Made in the USA” Gets a Makeover

– My friends over at Kickstarter are looking to hire a Product Designer.

– Love the Brooklyn Cruiser.

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  1. please not jovanotti. hate that guy.

  2. This video remind me of the nineties. Too much radio airplaying until I end up hate it. Mostly like mario :)

  3. Mario, Jose, well, it reminds me of when I used to live in Munich, and I have lots of fond memories attached to the song. Sorry, it rubbed you the wrong way. We can’t always agree.

  4. my favorite blog and my favorite italian singer…
    it was strange to see this video on your page and think about how things are not so far as they seem…
    Greetings from Rome

  5. Love Ping Pong, unfortunately the link doesn’t work. I did find this one:

  6. Thanks for the link Cindy.