Tea Cup SlingsHOT, a design concept by Samir Sufi, seems like a smart idea. A built in groove lets you pull the teabag tight against the edge of the cup to squeeze liquid out of the bag and keep it out of the water when you think your tea is ready. Hope this will go into production!

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  1. But when you squeeze the bag doesn’t that release the tannins and make your tea bitter? Hmm.

  2. Squeezing the bag doesn’t actually help the tea infuse any faster or better. The best way to brew tea is in a teapot with loose leaf tea anyway. This design is cute, but not useful for the hardcore tea connoisseur.

  3. Interesting idea, but living in a country where the tea bags don’t have tags, not likely to have a big market here.

  4. Better yet, get yourself some loose tea, a great teapot, and electric kettle and stop drinking low quality teadust in a bag. Oh, and if you do, squeezing the water out of the bag leads to bitterness.

  5. I’m with the purists, this is a more interesting way to make bad tea!

  6. Ack! Squeezing of tea bags is not to be encouraged, no matter how cute the design.

  7. And here we see that you’re swiss german :-)
    (Yes, I’ve read somewhere that squeezing tea bags is a typical Swiss habit…)

  8. The paper tags on teabag strings are not attached securely enough for this.

  9. I love this concept, not really because its squeezing the tea bag (yep, it totally does make your tea a bit more bitter), but because it gets the tea bag out of the water quick and without making you get up to throw out the tea bag, or get a saucer while your maybe in the middle of a conversation… Has happened to me an infinite number of times.

  10. Congratulations for this. You’re an inspiration to me, and to other tea lovers!

  11. I always, religiously, squeeze tea bags. I thought the bitterness adds to the flavour?