the i in TEAM

Whoever said there’s no “I” in team, you have been proven wrong.

(Made me laugh)

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  1. This is a great one!
    Thanks, I love it :D

  2. That s so brilliantly funny

  3. He is living in Switzerland (Lausanne) but he is slovak.

  4. You really need an a-hole to find an I in Team.

  5. When the new Blackberry was announced, this was my interpretation of that phrase.

  6. Made my day. Thank you! Genius!

  7. you’R so genious!

  8. Sorry, I have to be “that” person, but this is too similar to a design a friend of mine did quite a while ago. Credit where credit due.

  9. This made me laugh so hard. Brilliant!

  10. Great – and I’ve always insisted there’s a ME in team, anyway.

  11. There may not be an “i” but there is an “M” and an “E”.