“An exceptional company is the one that gets all the little details right.”
– Richard Branson

Business Lessons by Richard Branson

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  1. Or ‘an exceptional company is one which can convince the public through clever brand management that they get all the little details right’? The writing of ‘Business Lessons’ etc is a super canny extension of Virgin’s brand management – RB has exceptional companies ergo they must get the little details right. But do we believe they really do? I’m not disagreeing at all with the sentiment, just feel a little weird with the propagation of a view driven by Virgin’s brand management machinery dressed up as business advice. But maybe I’m overthinking…

  2. virgin mobile has reached into my account and taken more money than they should have three years in a row. Apparently this is still not grounds enough for me to cancel my contract without being charge £600. As I customer I feel such animosity towards virgin and I can’t wait for my contract to run out and to no longer have anything to them.

  3. if your not caring for your customers then your not getting all the little details right.

  4. Tell that tot he people who have to pay a fortune to stand on their trains everyday.

    Not to mention that Virgin Health are now in the process of asset stripping the National Health Service here in England.

    They’ve morphed into some sort of scary sic-fi, unfeeling, omni-brand monster.