“Free Desk Here”

Free Desk Here

I just learned about a wonderful initiative called ‘Free Desk Here’. The rules are simple: Agencies around the world offer a free desk in their studio to a new talent. The agency gets to decide who they offer the space to and the duration of their stay. The idea is being supported by the well known graphic artist, Anthony Burrill who designed the limited edition screen-print to accompany the initiative. The first 50 studios to list a free desk will receive an Anthony Burrill signed, ‘Free Desk Here’ print.

Lovely idea.

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  1. I wish the animation industry was as cool as design industry is…it’s depressing.

  2. That’s a great idea! Thanks for posting about it.

  3. i hope this spreads across other industries.

  4. Free chair here!

    “Guests should not invite anyone into the house.”
    “Rooms are off limits to guests.”
    “Use of toiletry, television, telephones, etc, are not included.”
    “Guests shouldn’t play their own music.”
    “Guests should be actively reading a book and attend my house daily.”

    come in, sit on it and mind your own business… it’s literally just a chair in my living room.

    what’s the point of this?

  5. As a designer who works from home, I love this idea (nothing open in LA right now though). It would be a great way to meet people, other creatives, and get out of the house. But the rules make it sound a little strange, although I can see why they exist (to protect the agency I assume). In practice, I imagine the lines will be a lot more amorphous…

  6. That’s awesome!

  7. I love this idea! Probably will take part.

  8. Great idea, all design agencies should be partaking in this. What better way to discover new creative talent!