I asked the audience during my SXSW talk to do the wave for me. Why? I realized that there were more people in the room listening to me than lived in the Swiss village I grew up in. In this fleeting moment of authority, I figured I might as well see what it would look like if my entire village did the wave. And it worked! Dave Racine was sitting in the way back and took a vine. His perspective was such much better than mine from the stage! Thank you Dave!

ps: Watch my talk here.

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  1. Really inspiring talk yesterday! Thanks!

  2. haha you’re cool

  3. That is so awesome Tina! After watching twenty times, I started looking for a ‘like’ button on your site, silly me.

  4. Fantastic talk at SXSWi! Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. I’m in that wave! Thanks so much for the best talk of my week.

  6. Excellent keynote. “Whatever you are, be a good one.” Thanks, Tina!

  7. You are so awesome. Huge inspiration and a breath of fresh air on stage @ sxsw. thank you for giving up your weekend for us!