Dear Evolution,

dear evolution

Dear Evolution,


No love,

From this amusing Tumblr called WTF, Evolution?

(via It’s Ok To Be Smart)

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  1. well maybe the giraffe has no problem drinking like that

  2. haha This is great! Your commentary is priceless. That poor guy, looks very uncomfortable, but I guess they don’t know any other way.

  3. After checking out the tumblr, maybe you should do all the commentary.

  4. Ha, poor giraffe! btw, shameless plug (hope you don’t mind Tina), but here’s a little Tumblr thingy I built with a friend — makes it super easy to browse Tumblr images en masse, thought you might enjoy it’s minimal approach/ speed.

    Here is another tag you may really enjoy:

  5. Hahah!!! Oh what an impressive neck they have.

    National Geographic recently featured the giraffe in their show, Inside Nature’s Giants. For those who can stomach watching dissections, these explain a LOT about how they evolved! Totally fascinating.