Are you into eating locally grown food? Then you’ll enjoy Farmstand, an iPhone app built by my friends John, Josh and Glenn.

Farmstand makes it easy to discover and share the best of your local farmers’ market. The iphone app lets you share photos, post deals, and with that support local farmers. But they will soon take the experience beyond just the iphone as they are working hard on adding a web component featuring farmer profiles and restaurants that serve locally-grown food.

Learn more about their purpose or download the free iPhone app.

Yay for locally grown food!

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  1. I wish it was available for android phones!

  2. Local produce is blessed with responsible farmers, richer micronutrients and more intense flavors (non-local produce are often picked before full ripeness and sent on abusing trips).

    Spoiled by industrial grocery complexes we expect to find everything on our recipe list at one place all 4 seasons. Those who prefer quality materials over complex recipes thought often find themselves burnt by the farmers market experience: too little information, too much uncertainty especially in this digital age.

    Hope the app will remove friction and help people appreciate local produce!

  3. I just downloaded this app and it is great. Thanks for the heads up!

    As long as I am here, I wanted to take a second to let you know about a line of t-shirts that I did that might be of interest to anyone interested in this app or the local food movement in general.

    You can find it here:

    I promise I will not make a habit of shameless self promotion, but felt it was relevant in this case. ;-)

  4. That’s awesome and I am sure it’s gonna be much cheaper than buying these things from the super markets! I love this entrepreneurial ideas! :)

  5. I love this app so much! One cool thing I found about it is that it’s fun to use while traveling. Farmers’ Markets often have really yummy food stands, and the food from them often end up being the best of the whole trip!