Friday Link Pack

(thank you Keef)

Patagonia has a blog about people who have owned their products for decades. (via)

– Diego Stocco created another sound experiment, this time including leaves and a turntable.

Browser Whiteboard Stencil

– David Bowie Releases a Collection of His Vintage Videos Online. Pure Gold.

– An overview of CRM tools.

– According to a BBC survey there are seven different social classes. These range from the “elite” at the top, distinguished by money, connections and rarefied cultural interests, to the “precariat” at the bottom, characterized by lack of money, lack of connections and unrarefied cultural interests. Multiplying the Old Divisions of Class in Britain, by Sarah Lyall

How a differential gear works

How the Chess Set Got Its Look and Feel (via)

Two Ingredient Appetizers.

– German photographer Karsten Thormaehlen’s beautiful portraits of centennials.

– Interesting Quora thread: What are the top 10 things that we should be informed about in life?

– When you deliver information verbally, people only remember 10% of it. If you add a picture, retention is 65%. Carmine Gallo: Three Secrets All Inspiring Messages Share. (via)

– A Tumblr about brand collaborations. (via)

– We got one of these galvanized trunks for our studio. We love it.

This silicon egg shaper will turn your breakfast plate into a work of art.

– Fascinated by the old-school looking vacuums.

FDNY is a growing list of NYC designers that took the leap and started their own businesses.

– Like sports much? The Brooklyn Nets are looking to hire a Web Developer/Designer.

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  1. Thanks for the link to the video about differential gears.

    Funnily enough I spent a happy half hour this morning at the Porsche website, configuring a nice Porsche Cayman that I will probably never own (or at least no time soon unfortunately!).

    One of the options on that was some kind of special differential gear system. I was wondering what that was all about!