Hopscotch | Coding for Kids


Hopscotch is a brand new iPad app that teaches kids coding. It allows them to create an interactive program on the iPad by dragging blocks of code and dropping them into a scripting area. No typing required. Beautifully designed! This makes me so happy! Can’t wait to try this with my daughter tonight!

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  1. Holy cow. Cannot wait to give this a go!

  2. http://movetheturtle.com/ is another great app, quite similar to Hopscotch

  3. Great, now I need to make me some babies and raise them fast enough to try this with them!

  4. No iPad app, but MIT, UC Berkeley and others have been doing a lot of great work on this front with Scratch:


  5. My lil boy wants 2 play that games and will show me how to use it.

  6. This is great. Any book recos for kids to learn code for ages 6 and up?

  7. A friend recommended this book for learning kids to code http://www.laurenipsum.org/