Friday Link Pack

Analog Camera looks like a sweet photo taking, processing and sharing app.

– A modern, minimal laptop backpack by Unit. #wishlisted

– New York City’s bike share program opened to subscribers this week. Some of their reporters tested the system against more familiar modes of transportation in five races.

The History of Daft Punk (missing the latest release)

– Did you know I am a contributor to Quarterly, a subscription service to wonderful things?

Evidence of Alec Baldwin’s time travel

– Smitten Kitchen shared a waffle recipe. Yum.

Mojito Jello Shots. Yum.

LaLa Breakfast is an a new app by LaLa Lunchbox and helps you make planning breakfast with your little ones a bit more fun.

We didn’t start the viral: 8 Years of viral videos to the tune of “We Didn’t Start the Fire”.

– Customize your keys with this DIY Plastic Dip Tutorial.

– I keep coming back to these Blast Off Espresso cups. Tempted to finally purchase them.

– Need a gift for a little boy? Check out this Rocket from Green Toys. Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs. Love this brand.

– Yes! USB flash drives in disguise as an Ambulance or a Police Car.

– Lovely getting a glimpse of Dieter Rams’ home in this post titled: Good Design is as Little Design as Possible. (thanks Nate)

– “Yahoo paid a billion dollars for our treehouse, which is f***ng nuts when you think about it, because the treehouse is worthless as soon as the cool kids decide to stop coming. We know it, they know it, and they know we know it. That’s why I’m not worried.” On the sale of Tumblr.

– “An electronic tattoo that can be used to authenticate a user instead of some flimsy password.” Electronic Tattoos and Passwords You Can Swallow: Google’s Regina Dugan Is a Badass. (via)

– The fine folks over at Happy Cog are looking for a Front-End Developer.

– My daughter (7) thought this was quite funny.

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention!

  2. Girls like rockets too.

  3. Second on the girls + rockets comment from andrea.

    I was disappointed to see a rocket toy mentioned just for boys on the same site that pointed me at Goldie Blox (which I thought was wonderful).