Two days ago I had the pleasure to meet all of this year’s Shopify Competition winners. One of the winners, Ryan French, left a huge impression. He is a student at the University of Washington, majoring in Applied Computational Math Science and the inventor of the GameKlip.

The GameKlip attaches your Android phone to a PlayStation3 controller and allows you to use a real controller to play your games on your smartphone. I’ve tried it, it’s all kinds of fantastic.

Ryan has single handedly built this business and created everything himself; the clip, the packaging, the site and he even currently still ships the items himself.

If you are a buyer for a big retailer, please reach out to Ryan. He is currently looking for large retailers to carry his product. He deserves to be picked up by a big chain.

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  1. have been a very different design

  2. Awesome!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and crossed this.

    “Hmm.. There was a Ryan French in high school.”

    He went to University of Washington..

    He was incredible then (oh so creative). Still incredible now. Thanks for posting this — it was an nice update on his life.

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