Shopify Build-A-Business Competition Winners

Love this video that Shopify put together to celebrate the winners of their third Build-A-Business Competition. It was quite the honor to meet all of the winners a few weeks ago here in NYC and to get to hand-over the substantial check to the founders of Goldie Blox.

My team and I won in the Arts and Design category with Tattly last year. I will never forget getting that call from Shopify HQs telling us we won. My entire team danced through our hallways! Being on the other side, as a mentor this year, was obviously quite moving. All of the winners impressed me on so many levels.

I have huge respect for Harley and his team, for putting this competition together. The impact is huge.

And if you’re thinking of starting an e-commerce business, look no further:

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  1. Ah, to even be considered out of 10,000 business is amazing. The money sounds great but to have that mentorship is invaluable. By the way, congratulations for winning last year.

  2. That is awesome!

  3. very nice video By the way, congratulations for winning last year.