The Bike Maker

Made by Hand’s fifth film turns to bike maker Ezra Caldwell (Fast Boy Cycles), who was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. When the cancer threatens to shatter his love of bikes, Ezra survives by documenting his illness as thoroughly as his craft.

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  1. Breathtaking… I’m a huge fan of Ezra’s work for several years, his bicycle craftsmanship has been such an inspiration for many bike lovers, and his struggle with the Big C. is an exemple for everybody. Beautiful and inspiring movie.

  2. Thanks for posting this beautiful piece. It sure keeps things in perspective. I admire his tenacity and creative spirit.

  3. Beautiful film. Really inspiring!

  4. my brother was in school with Ezra most of elementary school and all of high school, and I’m really glad to see his story featured on your blog (one of my favorites). He’s definitely inspiring.