“If no good can come from a decision, then no decision should be made.”
– Simon Sinek

Watch Simon explain what he means: Why to Wait Before Making an Emotional Decision.

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  1. So true. But so hard sometimes! Good find, Tina!

  2. Thank you, Tina, for sharing Simon’s insight. I love what you do with Swissmiss and of course Creative Mornings and look forward to meeting you this summer.

    Two things I think you will find interesting about the Capture Your Flag career documentary series we are doing:

    1) Interviews repeat every year so in addition to individual video lessons such as this one from Simon, we also document each interviewees developing story (e.g. Simon has done three years of interviews and will return for his 4th in coming weeks).

    2) We interview a wide array of up and coming individuals who are putting their passion to work, building momentum, committing to their endeavor and doing so with an entrepreneurial spirit. Other interviewees who fall under the CreativeMornings umbrella are..

    – Fabian Pfortmuller of Sandbox and Holstee
    – Jon Kolko of Austin Center for Design
    – Lauren Serota of Frog Design and Austin Center for Design
    – Hammans Stallings of Frog Design
    – Richard Moross of
    – Idan Cohen of Boxee
    – Doug Jaeger of JaegerSloan
    – Chris Hinkle of Huge / Evernote
    – Phil McKenzie of Influencer Conference
    – Courtney Spence of Students of the World

    Keep inspiring! I’m on twitter at @erikmichielsen and work just outside DUMBO. Hope to meet you soon. – Erik Michielsen