TocaBoca Builder

My kids were lucky to get their hands on a not yet released TocaBoca app called Builders. I have never seen both my 7 and 3 year old more enthralled by a game. Ella kept shouting: “This is so much fun!”

And now that they’re sleeping, it’s my turn! Make sure to watch the above video to see what the fun is all about. The app is scheduled to be released on Thursday!

TocaBoca keeps impressing!

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  1. Oder auch: Kinderfreundliche Verbloedelungstaktiken.

  2. Hansi: Are you saying these games make kids stupid?

  3. Oh.Wow.
    My kids are going to go bananas for this.

  4. I don’t get it. I would much rather have my kids play with blocks or Legos. I’m so thankful none of this existed when I was a child. I see so many kids today who never experience the real world because their parents have them plugged in like zombies to the electronic babysitter.

  5. “Meh”, Having games like this doesn’t mean kids don’t play with real blocks. Also, please don’t leave anonymous comments.

  6. I realize kids can play with both real and virtual toys but it still doesn’t change my opinion of iPad/iPhone games. Maybe I’m behind the times but I just feel like it’s too early to get your kids addicted to staring at a screen. A long lifetime of sitting in front of a screen awaits them, what’s the rush? Like I said, I am so thankful I grew up in the 70s, when kids played all day long in the real world. I’m happy none of my memories include an iPad.

    I’m only commenting anonymously because I don’t feel a need to have my personal information on a website. I don’t see a problem with that. It shouldn’t undermine do devalue my comments in any way.

  7. This looks like Minecraft but with no goals…so a creative world in Minecraft.

  8. Meh: Who is talking about an addiction to a screen? Try seeing it from the perspective of _what the kids are doing, as opposed to how and where they are doing it. Creativity comes in many shapes and forms, and they aren’t mutually exclusive. You can be creative with an iPad or with a piece of paper – or both. It becomes what you make of it. I wrote an article on that theme too, if it might interest you: