Friday Link Pack

A video celebrating the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, which I happen to call my home.

– Amazing: Food Typography.

– Gorgeous, animated typefaces: (via)

Mid century packaging from Switzerland.

– Filed under ‘so cool’ and ‘want’: Custom USB drive with 35 HOURS of This American Life (plus video!)

– Tiny dog. Big glasses.

– Lots and lots of inspirational stories to be found here:

– Great read on the history of the iconic NYC subway system signage.

– I wouldn’t mind sporting one of these Everyday Sacs.

Nearly Impossible, a conference for people who make and sell physical products. Happening this November in NYC. Can’t wait to attend.

– My kids are completely gaga over the Itty Bitty T-Shirts they received from Agnieszka Gasparska last year. I am so happy to see that there’s a Kickstarter campaign happening to get more of them into production.

– I agree with Daniel, offload is a good idea.

– Coffee lover? This might make you chuckle: Death Before Decaf

– Now that I run my own company(ies) I am getting more and more fascinated by the world of Business Development. Here’s a good read: HOW TO: Land a Business Development Job

– No bid deal, just a frog with an umbrella.

– Uhm, yes. A Bill Murray Coloring Book by Belly Kids.

– Good advice: “Show up to work with the energy and curiosity of your first day and the honesty of your last.” – Kate Aronwitz. From this article. (via)

Cookbook Create turns your favorite recipes into a printed cookbook.

– The Hired Guns in Philadelphia are looking to hire an Executive Creative Director.

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  1. Great Links!

    They cost me a couple of €s but keep em coming ;)

  2. Solid Friday Link Pack, per usual. One of the highlights of my week!

  3. I’ve gotta get my butt back to Brooklyn. I’m from the UK but have never felt more at home than the year I spent in Brooklyn. Despite my rubbish basketball skills and English accent, they welcomed me with open arms.

  4. I am thrilled and grateful that I discovered the through your links. Absolutely fantastic and so inspirational. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!