Wonderland, a short providing a glimpse of what it is like to work in the creative industry.


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  1. Love it. Made me think and remember my own choices to balance art and commerce. I’ve always been motivated to find the artful moments and expression in the paid work. Bit of a signature.

    But anyway. ONE lone female voice in the whole thought? And she was almost a side-kick. Come on.

  2. Completely agree that this was a little bitter sweet due to the lack of female representation. The only lady had a super insightful blurb about not knowing what the end product is going to be… but she was cut off twice before that.

  3. Where are the women? Either Terry and crew do not know any female designers or they do not consider a woman’s thoughts on creativity worth filming.

    Also, why is everyone in the piece roughly the same age, give or take 7 years? Where does inspiration of a creative who has been working in the field for 20 years come from and how is it maintained? Interesting idea for a doc, but seriously lacking a larger perspective on the creative industry as a whole. I would say it seems unfinished but clearly the team considers it a final product and that is just sad.

  4. There’s some beautiful advice in this for young designers such as myself, who is just not beginning a career and life in the graphic design field. It speaks a lot to how to be realistic and how to prioritize as artists.

    Thanks for this post, Tina. You’ve made me think.