Paint Retouching Pen

paint retouching pen

This Paint Retuching Pen is brilliant, touch-ups made easy. Definitely want to give this a try.

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  1. I love your finds! That is such a genius yet simple idea! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Why is that better than a normal brush???

    I just forwarded it to this blog:

  3. I have the same question as Maiko. A regular brush seems just as useful, and far less of a pain. Cleaning this out looks like a hassle, and completely unnecessary.

  4. This is hilarious.

  5. Yeah. Cleaning a brush is, well, as fun as cleaning a brush, but cleaning that thing must be a bit tedious.

    Maybe one nail polish bottle & brush (where do you get clean/new ones from?) with a color for each room, mounted on a spice rack, in the laundry room? That would be cool but would it be enough paint? At least enough not to have to go downstairs (ie “The Crawlspace”)…?

  6. And there are two main parts, the syringe and the pen/brush. And BOTH must be cleaned…dadblasted that is some cleaning ;)

  7. I mean, this is the kind of things that makes me feel ashamed of being a designer, what’s the point of this, I don’t think Dieter Rams would use this, just use a small brush!, why “Designers” have to complicate the most simple tools!.

  8. Well, if you actually look at the link, you will see that the thing stores the paint inside and is sealed to keep it good for what is says to be “years”. That makes it seem like a very good idea – better than keeping big cans of leftover paint that will dry up anyway. Keep a pen-full of each color in your house. I don’t think washing them out is part of the concept.

  9. …. Whatever, silly design.

  10. I did look at the site but apparently don’t understand the technology involved in keeping the bristles on that little brush usable without cleaning it after each use. And if the little brush does have to be cleaned then I don’t see how it can be isolated from the rest of the device.

    It seems like one of those things that sounds great and then seems a bit overly complicated.

    See my ‘nail polish bottle’ post. Seems like the same thing only easier and with off-the-shelf parts.

  11. Use a Q-Tip

  12. use a piece of kitchen roll – no brush marks

  13. This looks like a serious pain in the ass to clean. I’m not sure why a regular paint brush wouldn’t work just as well?

  14. Wow, if you don’t want to use it, don’t. Were you all seeing if you could out-nasty each other.

  15. Not sure which use of the word ‘nasty’ you are referring to: (HA, been a long time since I thought of The Young Ones)

    Folks were just discussing design, even suggesting other designs showing thought (c’mon people, THE FINGER-NAIL POLISH BOTTLE IS BRILLIANT! ;), and in some cases civil, differing opinions.

    Let’s not scream FIRE in a crowded theatre. ;)

  16. Lets (no apostrophe needed, it’s not possessing anything) not scream good design where there is none either.

  17. Mostly Anonymous – you DO need an apostrophe! You are using the phrase “let us not.” If you have that without the US, then you need an apostrophe in place of the U. EX. Im not, should be I’m not. Get it?? And did I scream “good design?” Where in my review did you see that? For the life of me, I re-read my comment and can’t (note the apostrophe) find that I commented either way, so I’m (again, an apostrophe) pretty sure I didn’t scream anything. I’m just saying, the blogger posted what she finds a convenient item and wanted to share. Anyway, cleaning a brush the size of this one is like cleaning an artist brush. And, the paint is kept in the tube until you need it, for years possibly. I think it’s a bit pricey, but a good idea for furniture, walls, etc.

  18. GG: Ma’am, the only one getting (sort of) rude here is you. Everyone else is just giving their civil opinions about a design. If this was just a “Hallelujah corner” that would be different. But this is a design blog and, as long as people remain civil (and I prefer friendly, personally), it seems like it is appropriate to talk up and down designs that have been presented by the host.

    I am also lucky to be on the right side of the lets v let’s argument. :)

    However, we need to get to the real root of the matter: WHY DIDN’T THEY JUST USE A FINGERNAIL (it is one word, sorry for my earlier mistakes) POLISH BOTTLE? Come. On. That is brilliant! ;)

    Also, cleaning that brush will not be like cleaning a ‘normal’ brush as this brush is fed through what would normally be the ferrule area and a normal brush is dipped. If the device is not disassembled and cleaned after each use (ie every time that paint is pushed through the channel in the ferrule and into the bristles of the brush) then the channel in the ferrule will get clogged, not to mention the bristles of the brush, with dried paint. This appears to be ‘the rub’. AND a justifiable reaction to cool-but-not-awesome design. It happens.

  19. After re-looking at the pen again, I realized what a great site is ;)

    Good call, Tina!

  20. And apparently WE ALL need this one:

    HA, HA, but I am as guilty as anyone. Especially on work emails… ;)

  21. cool i wish i have that useful pen…….

  22. Hello there, You’ve done an excellent job. I’ll certainly digg it and personally recommend to my friends.
    I am confident they will be benefited from this web site.

  23. This is great retouching. This is called intelligence. I loved it.

  24. If u don’t like it…and think it will be soooo much work…cough cough…then don’t buy it or use it, but stop being so negative people. It is a very small item to be getting all worked up about.

  25. It is interesting, and I hope not telling, how several people have not so much defended the design of the item as defended the item itself from criticism:

    -“Were you all seeing if you could out-nasty each other.”
    -“…getting all worked up about.”

    Please see my posts on July 17 in response to the ‘nasty’ question and then, also on July 17, in response to GilmerGirl.

    I will admit, someone on the ‘con’ side of this argument did put 3 question marks and another called the design silly and someone else called it a pain in the ass to clean. They could have phrased it in a more polite way. But really, “Nasty” and “Getting all worked up” based on three of twenty-six posts?

    The majority of the people on this post, pro and con, discussed the design itself (strengths: quick, easy, neat combination of paint-pen-brush-&syringe; cons: cleanup, longevity) and I think that that is closer to the intention of the blog. NOTE: It isn’t my blog, so I don’t know, but that is my impression.

    And, again to get to the center of this tragic situation, WHERE ARE THE FINGERNAIL POLISH BOTTLES that would make all of this alright? :)

  26. I will send you all the fingernail polish bottles you want, but you have to clean them out. Which sounds like a pain in the ass to me, and not a very good idea. I’m (I am) just commenting on what a difficult task it would be to clean the polish out of those tiny bottles. Guess it would also be necessary to clean the brush.