Subway Sets

Subway Sets is a monthly concert series that brings amazing musicians from NYC’s subway up to skyscraping rooftops. Absolutely love this idea. Gets my support. Join me?

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  1. Thank you Tina for posting, and thank you Kerry for the recommendation!

    Our goal is to have the musicians crowdsourced from the subway by the folks in attendance. I’d love to see you there!

  2. This is brilliant! Love the featured artist… A casual, creative tone… thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Shelby! The artist in the video is Robert Leslie. I’m so happy you like him — a main goal of Subway Sets is more exposure for these amazing musicians.

    Here’s Robert’s main web presence:

  4. @Kerry — exciting news: we’ve just added Morgan O’Kane (your favorite artist) to the lineup for the first Subway Sets! Hope to see you all there on 8/10!

  5. Wishing to be living in NYC somedays