Heavy Load

Heavy Load

I saw this image and thought: That woman is me. That big giant ball of hay, my inbox.


Shuts down computer and goes to bed. Good night.

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  1. Argh I’m so sorry to hear that – hope your load lightens shortly!

  2. really? you looked at a poor woman whose job is to carry hay on her head and you immediately, with blatant disregard for anyone but yourself, assumed you were similar because your inbox was full of emails?

    i post this anonymously because what’s the point if you knew my name.

  3. Actually, the women doesn’t seem to be whining. So there is that small difference.

  4. Ms/r Anonymous seems not to burdened with a sense of humour or proportion. More anger than most though.

  5. If someone made the same joke about the plight of a slave working in a cotton farm, would you look at that comment with the same indifference?

  6. the picture is touching… You definitely can’t compare what this woman is going through with your full inbox….but i think you know that yourself…I assume you were just looking at the hay on her head, what reminded you of your own work that has to be done ;)

  7. There really is a problem with the picture you’ve chosen. I know you meant it to be humorous and not at all as directly equating yours to her plight. But as somebody who runs a blog that influences designers (and a lot young designers too) you do have a responsibility to not make people think so inwardly.