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In this CreativeMornings talk, Benjamin Tallis, a journalist, commentator, activist and a university lecturer, talks about boundaries in a so-called world without boundaries.

– Anyone who runs a company should read this: Magic + Generosity = the brand crush. Especially the last sentence: Crushes don’t last forever. You need to keep adding magic and generosity.

How to Hail A Cab in NYC

CIAO Cartolina iphone case. Pretty.

– 80 photographs documenting the bad old days of New York (1970-1989). (via)

10 Years of Wooster Collective

Moo’s Luxe Business Cards are stunning. I got myself one for Tattly and one for CreativeMornings. They look so impressive. Gone are the days where getting business cards is a HUGE expense and effort.

– Just got myself a new Baggu Leather Loop Keychain. So happy.

– I am quite tired of animal alphabet posters. So, yes to this Space themed introduction to the alphabet.

– Did you hear of 99U’s Pop Up School happening in NYC in September?

– “back up your content til you can’t back up no ‘mo.” Excellent Read by Craig Lockwood.

– Go fly a kite in the shape of a Sailing Ship.

100 Questions: A Toolkit for Conversations

– Yup. This is one pretty French Enamel Thermometer.

– David Pogue wrote a review on $600 Sunglasses that show colorblind people what the world really looks like.

– STORY is running a Pitch Night on Monday the 19th, for their Made In America STORY. American makers are invited to show off their products to a panel of influencers: Made Movement’s Alex Bogusky, PSFK founder, Piers Fawkes, and STORY founder, Rachel Shechtman.

– Gumroad is looking to hire a Front-end Engineer in SF.

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  1. fabulous and brilliant links, thank you!

  2. While I do appreciate Moo and think their cards and lux and fun saying “Gone are the days where getting business cards is a HUGE expense and effort.” is a slap in the face to designers like me who work at small print shops trying to keep their heads above water. I am good at what I do and my business cards are worth it.

    It would be like me looking at a temporary tattoo and saying, “I’m going to get one out of this here $.25 machine cuz’ why go through the HUGE expense and effort to get a Tattly.”

    I’m just sorry you feel that way.

  3. @Erin, You can upload your own designs to Moo. It has nothing to do with not hiring a designer like you. Maybe look at it that way, that you can now offer your clients an affordable way to print their beautiful business cards that you designed?