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I discovered Mightybell while researching services that allow you to create mini social networks on the web.

I am part of a quarterly womens salon here in the city, with incredibly inspiring members, but there’s no simple resource where I can see who is part of this small community.

Do you know of similar services like Mightybell that would allow our group to create a small, pretty, private social network online?

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  1. Some of my buddies use Everyme and are big fans. I’m in a few too many social networks as it is so never signed up.

  2. I used Minigroup before it became a paid service and it was quite nice.


  3. Thanks Stuyshwick, Everyme looks great!

  4. Yahoo Groups? KIDDING!

  5. My family uses http://spokt.com to keep in touch.

  6. Tina!

    We’d love for you to use Mightybell! We’re set up exactly for your type of salon where members can post, chat and organize meetups.

    Let us know how we can be helpful!

    Gina Bianchini
    (the founder)

  7. Mighty Bell is awesome, and so is Gina. Tina, you two should meet!

  8. with google+ you can create a mini social network within your network through the “circles” tool and a platform for private discussion with a group through the “communities” tool.

  9. What about Jive?

  10. I want to hear more about the quarterly women’s salon!

  11. Thanks for introducing me to Mightybell. It actually looks pretty much like something I’ve been looking for.