Food Rules Poster

Food Rules

Team Holstee fell in love with this vintage WWI poster by Frederick G. Cooper. And after giving it a slightly refreshed look, this original poster released by the U.S. Food Administration is now available as a letterpress print.

Well done, Holstee.

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  1. Isn’t it amazing that a century later, we’re still thinking along the same lines? I guess when the broad strokes are already well drawn, progress is all about the details. Great find, Tina!

  2. I LOVE This poster. Thanks for sharing. I’d discovered another version recently but couldn’t find a version that was available for sale. I think it’s perfect for my kitchen :)

  3. There’s a restaurant in NYC that uses these as their coasters, can’t put my finger on the name of it right now. I grabbed one a few years ago because I loved it.

  4. Yes, Cait! My in-laws scooped up one those coasters and framed it. It’s hanging in their Cape Cod abode. Lovely!

  5. Free high-res version of that on this website I saw just today! Weird coincidence.

  6. My Mom has had an original copy of this poster hanging in our kitchen since I was a little kid. I have always loved its graphical and factual simplicity.