(Belated) Friday Link Pack

This film by SNASK is about a tomato on his way to work at a CreativeMornings breakfast buffét.

Surf Board Rugs. Love this.

10 Tips for improving your Google Search Results. Thanks Apartment Therapy.

– I absolutely love the Ten Thousand Stories Book. And so do my kids.

– Side-By-Side Photos Show Sandy’s Aftermath One Year Later

Mike Myers says Yeah Baby.

– This illustration is quite mesmerizing.

– You Are What You Read: 14 Thought Leaders Share Their Bookshelves

5 Prefixes You Should Be Using in Your Email Subject Lines

– This is one lovely hanging planter. (Thanks Amrit)

Yoda Origami. Love this.

Tiny futuristic mini apartments. Yikes.

Tweetbot 3 for iPhone is now available.

– Interesting read: What is Swiss Style Typography?

– Photos of Couples Switching Clothes

– A new study says that first borns are smarter and do better in school. There’s a few theories why. (via)

– A growing collection of NYC Metro Musicians documented by Bas Berkhout.

U.S. Geography by MindSnacks brings you a fun and effective way to learn geography.

– The BrooklynMuseum is looking to hire a web designer.

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  1. HEY WOW MY HEAD JUST EXPLODED!! Thank you, Swiss Miss, for liking Ten Thousand Stories. Humbled and honored to be in the link pack (with such excellent company, no less!). Also glad your kids like it, in spite of the weirdo boobs and tendency towards the morose.

  2. Nice Stuff and a smile so much about that :D

  3. Those micro apartments make me sad.