Love that the beginning of the Coin product video was filmed at Poketo. Also, cool (1st world problem) product.

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  1. It’s a cool idea, but I think it’s the wrong idea.

    Swipe cards might be good for the US, but here in the UK and in many other countries we use the more secure Chip and PIN system, which Coin doesn’t support.

    And if I’m going to switch my wallet for another device, it won’t be a ‘meta-card’ with a 2-year battery life and no way to recharge it. If I’m replacing my wallet, it’ll be with my smartphone (Google Wallet etc.).

  2. I’m with you Stewart. Seemed simply brilliant. Till I realized that here, in Canada, we use the chip, virtually exclusively. Stick a programmable chip in there, and I’m in. Though, the phone idea is still king, imo.

  3. Like Stewart says, with an NFC chip in your phone who needs a credit card anyway?