F Bunk Bed

F Bunk Bed

The F Bunk Bed by Rafa Kids is the most stylish kids bunk bed I have seen to date. Lets consider it wishlisted for Tilo’s room.

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  1. Great design. I like that the underneath area doesn’t have a built-in desk or built-in anything. That way you can change it to suit. Sometimes that can be an extra sleep area when a friend is over. Sometimes you can have a small desk there. Or just keep it a lounge/play area like in the pic above. Cool.

  2. this is technically not a bunk bed since there isn’t another bed underneath. they should be calling this a loft bed.

  3. I think it is not suitable for kids, as they like colors and it is so simple. At least it should have two to three colors.

  4. Really liked this one – until I saw the price… O_o

  5. @Lisa, you have the option to buy another bed for underneath.

  6. Missed opportunity on the name. Funkbed!

  7. Thank you Tina! We can’t imagine better recommendation for our bed. You can believe or not…but our first customer for this bed was from Switzerland, and his name was Tilo! All the best, from Rotterdam. Agata