Friday Link Pack

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– It’s almost GO-time for Nearly Impossible, a conference for people who make and sell physical products. Get your ticket here.

– Mark Schafer wrote a thorough review on TeuxDeux. (A to-do app I co-created with my studiomates of FictiveKin and Jonnie Hallman)

Tantoo bean bags are quite adorable. Pick between an elephant of giraffe.

– Tina Turner covers Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Proud Mary on live Italian TV in 1971. Pretty awesome.

Michelle Obama is one cool first lady.

– The World’s Fluffiest Bunny.

A fifteenth-century church gone shop and café.

– Take the test: Which US state matches your personality?

Karl Lagerfeld shares his vision of Coco Chanel: her childhood, her charisma, her legend, and the indelible mark that Coco has left 100 years after opening her first boutique.

Wordoids are made-up words. They look nice and feel great. They are good for naming things. (via Seth)

– Always take photos you see in ads or magazines with a grain of salt. Here’s why.

Two kinds of loyalty.

Mobile bed. This might only be fascinating to someone like me who lives in a big city where living spaces tend to be small.

Specs. Wow.

These Are Some of the Most Amazing Lego Projects Ever Built

– The CreativeMornings theme for November is Bravery! Really excited to see what talks will come out of this one. You can see all of our previous themes here.

– The Brooklyn Museum is looking to hire a full-time Web Designer.

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  1. Here’s a more direct link to the “Two Kinds of Loyalty” entry:

    (if you update the post, feel free to delete this comment :)

  2. Wow. Thanks for that Tina video….!

  3. Loved the Tina video!

    About the photoshop video, I prever the “Dove evolution” video, from 2006, part of the “Real Beauty” campaign:

  4. I’m sure I’m not the first nor the last person to mention that David Lesue has a wonderful tribute to Swiss Miss daily on his Instagram hoping for a link back to his kickstarter. I don’ t know David but I follow him on Instagram, he’s pretty hilarious and I think pretty talented.

    Maybe you don’ t know about it. Maybe one random person can change that, and maybe you can make all the difference in making his dream come true. Who knows what the universe holds for any of us.

    Happy days to you!

    p.s. He’s at least as cool as that bunny. And he fits the theme of your CreativeMornings.. he’s brave enough to put it out there..more than a lot of creative people can do.

  5. definetely many good ones out here !

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