LoLo Bunk Bed

LoLo Bunk BedLoLo Bunk BedLoLo Both Perps 02

My friend Jennifer Ward just showed me what she and her team at Casa Kids have been working on over the last few months: The super impressive LoLo Bunk Bed.

It’s a compact bunk bed, ideal for smaller spaces or lower ceilings. What makes LoLo really cool is that the beds are detachable creating two almost identical twin beds. Once converted into twin beds, each bed can have a trundle bed or three drawers underneath. This is fantastic for families with two kids where they start out sharing a bedroom and eventually move to a bigger space and each kid wants their own bed.

Well done, Casa Kids!

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  1. I really love this bed design very flexible and a new look for beds. really cool!

  2. I really love the fact that this bed is detachable and can serve two kids at a go. I must confess it is a nice design.

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