Party Etiquette

“The biggest tip I can give you to up your introducing skills is to always assume that whoever you’re talking to knows nothing about you or your work. No matter how big of a deal you are, if you abide by this rule, you win at life.”

Amen to this. Jessica Hische packed some really good tips into this Non-Creepy Networking: Party Etiquette article.

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  1. Love this! There are definitely some good tips in here for an introvert like me. …Jessica Hische is the best.

  2. I too am an introvert and I’ve had to overcome incredible shyness in meeting people. Especially strangers. It’s tough and it’s not going to be a snap just because your read a blog post. Just know that most of us have been there before. And if you’re honest and friendly, you’ll get the same in return.

    One thing we must all remember about networking, however you define it, is that nothing is automatic. Yes, there are those tales about how someone introduced himself to a famous designer, architect, banker, mayor, or archbishop, etc., and how he or she hired that person the very next day, but it’s rare indeed. Don’t expect that someone you meet will instantly become a co-worker, boss, client, lover, or even friend. Just meet them now, and then see what develops. Maybe nothing, but maybe a lifelong friendship or fruitful professional partnership.

  3. Love Jessica; this is awesome! Another great yet lengthy interview about introverts and networking (and relationships and life strategies) is Marie Forleo’s interview with Quiet author Susan Cain. It’s long but worth the watch!

    Now, if only we could get parties and networking events to have Designated Quiet Small Group Areas, haha.