Two-Color Pencil

Two color pencil

Not exactly sure why, but I have very fond childhood memories of this two-colored pencil.

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  1. Oh! Brought back a memory! Eons ago, when I was 19 or so, I worked at a hospital pre-computer days (well pre-computer for a hospital). Things moved so quickly on that surgery floor that we taped together a black pen and a red pen so we could flip from one end to the other instead of putting down one pen to pick up another as we speedily transcribed orders from the doctors, etc. I’d completely forgotten about that until now. (Writers who are persnickety about pens, paper, etc. shouldn’t forget things like this. This is not a good sign.) ;-)

  2. Good heavens, yes!! Isn’t this everyone’s favourite pencil from early schooldays?

  3. Gabs früher im Schweizer Militär “Sanitätstäschli” :)!!!!!

  4. Oh yes, of course! We all had them in the former Estern Germany! We only had those pencils from Koh-I-Noor! Love them!

  5. These were ‘editor’ pencils for proof-reading, I think. Special blue and red didn’t show up in xeroxes and other forms of final art press.

  6. In france we call it “tv pencil”, i don’t know why …

  7. Me too! I still have mine and the pigments are amazing!

  8. thanks for the memory!

  9. These are still widely used by conductors to annotate their orchestral score when building an interpretation, usually in their own personal way but around something like: blue for phrasing (“motive exposition”, tonal shift, phrase emphasis, …) and red for dynamics (“enter violins”, f, p, crescendo, …)

  10. Thx, same for us in France!!!!