Friday Link Pack

(Thanks Micaela)

What I Learned from a Six Month Spending Freeze

– An adorable DIY project: 2014 Memory Jar

The Gap Mannequin Project. Made me smile. (via)

How to Choose A Bottle of Wine.

– Simple and brilliant: Broom Groomer Dustpan

– My Batman obsessed son would love this motel room.

– Don’t let George Zisiadis’ simple illustration style in the Urban Imagination book deter you from discovering some truly lovely ideas on how seemingly mundane things in our world could be re-thought.

– Some of my friends swear by Venmo, a simple and secure way of making and sharing payments.

IFTTT can now automate actions based on your iPhone’s location (via amrit)

The Refugee Project is an interactive map that visualizes UNHCR refugee data and UN population data to tell the histories of global outbound refugee movements between 1975 and 2012.

– Parents, check out this Mini Stovetop Play Set!

– Love these posters by Tad Carpenter.

Rainbow hat.

– Love to host dinner parties but your table is not big enough? This foldable picnic table makes for a perfect kids table. (But also seats grown ups perfectly fine) Folds down to a suitcase which fits under a bed.

Sunrise Calendar is now available on the iPad. (via)

TextExport 1.3 – Automatically export all Text layers from Photoshop PSD to a Text file (via)

– George Mason University’s speech accent archive collects English speech samples from all over the world.

LEGO Unveils ‘The Simpsons’ House and Minifigs Set

What is nothing? A mind-bending discussion about the universe moderated by Neil deGrasse Tyson

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  1. Wie gewohnt eine wohl ausgesuchte und inspirierende Linksammlung. Vielen Dank dafür!

  2. Awesome roundup. Love that the Simpson’s legos (amazing) are coming out in February – coolest valentine gift!

  3. The concept of nothing used to terrify me as a child. A poor young brain having an existential crisis over it all :)

  4. }}} – Some of my friends swear by Venmo, a simple and secure way of making and sharing payments.

    Well, someone needs to design that site for them, it’s a freaking very special kind of stupid.

    I can tell it’s an app for apple or android, it does something about payments, and that’s it.

    How does it work? Who knows?
    Does it need my bank info? Who knows?
    Does it need THEIR bank info? Who knows?
    At this point, I stopped spending time wondering, and closed the link.

    BAD design. VERY bad design.