Friday Link Pack

(Watching These Spice Bags Explode Is The Most Satisfying Thing You’ll Do Today)

National Toy Hall of Fame (via)

– How to make a mini pennant banner

– Some great insights: Super successful companies, by Sam Altman.

Arnold Schwarzenegger having ballet lessons in 1976

Start your day by shouting into the Alps and other fun stuff. (via)

– Tokyo Metro Map Printed on the Back of Neckties

Can I stream it?

Famous movie quotes as charts. (via)

– A Map Of (Almost) Every Job in America

Interview With a Two-Year Old. Love that his mom asked him “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” (via)

– “It is time to move past the popular but incorrect left brain/right brain narrative.” YES!

– This is just plain sad: Frere-Jones is suing Hoefler for half of the world’s preeminent digital type foundry

Veerle’s inspiration stream is full of fantastic finds.

– ​The Way to Reheat Pizza Is in a Skillet

Storehouse – Visual Storytelling. Wow. Why is this app free?

Understanding Obamacare in One Hour. Thanks, Less Accounting. (via)

Writing Is Thinking, by Sally Kerrigan

– Tattly is having an inspirational sale until Sunday, midnight.

– Squarespace is looking to hire a Template Designer.

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  1. Arnold link broken?

  2. }}} Understanding Obamacare in One Hour.

    I can explain it in 2 seconds:
    “First thing we do, we screw up the system….”

  3. }}}} Arnold link broken?
    is correct… :-S

    It appears Retronaut has issues with hotlinking in.

    If you go to the main page, then over on the top left, “View by” and “Most Recent” (at this point, any way) it’s a little ways down.

    Dated 1/16/2014….