Dropmark is one of the few services I use daily and that I could not do without. So, I figured I’d share again. It’s a super simple cloud-based collaboration tool. Do you ever do research and save a bunch of links or images? Dropmark helps you with that! You can easily organize what you found and invite colleagues to view and collaborate privately, or share your content with the world. I use Dropmark in my search for new Tattly artists, research toys for my kids, bookmark recipes, to save my favorite YouTube videos and to share design mock-ups.

What do you use Dropmark for?

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  1. I love Dropmark as my “antisocial” image sharing solution. When I need to share image sets, larger images etc. that I don’t want to lay around on my hard drive Dropmark is my go to service.

    Because it is so simple I have never had problems with delivering stuff (unlike with g-drive or some times dropbox). Also the image previews and browsing works quite well – presenting a long document as an image works well or even browsing images as slideshows.

  2. Love collecting music videos from YouTube and making a new-age ‘radio station’: http://drp.mk/dmm

  3. I use it for…..let’s see – replacement of my browser bookmarks, but also replacement for delicious, instead of dropbox for image sharing, instead of youtube playlists, as a project research canvas, as a collaboration tool, as a shopping wish list, as a drafts collecting space…. I think it replaced about 80% of my web based tools and services and the number is going up :)

  4. Looks fantastic. I’ve just grabbed a basic account.

    Tempted to get a pro account, but without an Android app (or a Windows app, but I can live without it), it’s got some genuine limitations for those of us not invested in the Apple environment.

  5. Thanks you so much for sharing this, it’s exactly what I have been looking for for ages! I tried so many things to make some sort of back up of resources that I have.. so happy with this! Thanks again ^^

  6. Hi Tina,

    Love your blog. This is what I’ve been looking for to organise/categorise my life!!!

    Thanks :-)

  7. I don’t see how this is different from Evernote. It looks like a simplified clone. Maybe to save space on your hard drive? (But why would anyone need that when Terabyte drives cost less than a song?)

    Am I missing something?