MOO Cards


I remember what a hassle and expense it was to get business cards printed when I got my first design job in 1999. How the world has changed! MOO has completely redefined the landscape of business cards and notecards for that matter. They have made rich looking, full-color printed business cards affordable and accessible for anyone. I get so many compliments when I hand out my CreativeMornings card (see above). I love my cards so much, that we teamed up with MOO to send all of them a set of CreativeMornings Luxe Business Cards. Needless to say, the surprise was a success.

But my love for MOO goes beyond just the beauty and affordability of their cards. It’s the level of detail they put into everything they do. If you have ever received a MOO package you know what I am talking about. From the YAY sticker on the outside to the beautiful (!) business card box they come in. MOO cares. They care about good design. They care about delighting the customer. Consider me a fan.

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  1. I heartily second your recommendation. I’ve ordered several sets of moo cards over the past couple of years. Always gorgeous, and the website is a breeze to use.

  2. I also share the similar thoughts and experience on MOO.
    Absolutely Beautiful & Brilliant ..

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Beautiful product and great customer service. Yay Moo!

  4. Thanks Tina, I’m so delighted to see MOO featured on SwissMiss, as I’ve been a fan for a long time. Very happy we could do something together! Best, Richard. (of MOO)

  5. Moo is a fantastic service. Could not recommend it enough to designers on a budget.

  6. I’ve been looking at Moo cards for a while. They’re beautiful!

  7. I’ve been using Moo for years now, in fact ordered some yesterday for a short run. Excellent.