Persuasive Communication

“Persuasive communication involves enthusiasm, animation, audience participation, authenticity and spontaneity.”
— John Maxwell

(via this collection of leadership quotes)

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  1. Hey fucking whore, Persuasive communication is killing my fucking country, Venezuela, I used to be nice and polite, but people like you that only “try to be nice” are the problem SPEAK THE TRUTH and you will not need persuasive methods, President Maduro is a persuasive comunicator!, is to LIE TO OTHER PEOPLE, I cannot be nice anymore, I hate people that try to “be nice” just for the sake of being nice, Wake up motherfucker!, help the people from Venezuela the communist are killing us, if you’re really “nice”, think for one moment how to help the people that for long time are being oppressed, then you will know what being a “nice person” is. Sometimes being rude with the persuasive people is GOOD!.

  2. Dear me Mr 101010101, please try to be nice! What on earth would your mother, Mrs 101010101 think if she heard you speaking like that? I thought it was a nice quotation. Have a nice day!