Upside Down Russian Home

Upside down home

A russian home built completely upside down. Made me smile.

(via Ted)

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  1. It makes you wonder how they cook… ;-)

  2. This made smile and laugh for long, and as I’m typing this, I can’t help but smile and think back of what I’d witnessed. I do hope to see this amazing thing in person.. hopefully soon! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I was inside one in Poland and it really makes you smile and laugh, but makes you a little dizzy as well.

  4. There were books my grandmother gave me when I was little called Mrs. Piggedly-Wiggedly, or something like that. She lived in an upside-down house. I used to spend hours lying on my bed imagining our house upside-down. How we’d sit around the main ceiling light as if it were a campfire and imagine how we’d store things and reach them and get from room to room. Wonderful memories.