You Need Nothing


From the idea that some of us have everything, Pim de Graaff from The Netherlands created Nothing. His Nothing is a piece of wood with a black finish that reminds people to enjoy everything they already have. Absurdly poetic.

Making of Nothing. Get Nothing.

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  1. I LOVE this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Surely the best way to express this idea is by buying a block of wood for $30. Is this viral marketing for an upcoming season of Portlandia?

  3. Reminds me of when m ss ng p eces made and sent out “something.”

  4. Bryan, I also find this a little bit absurd. Sure if we “need nothing” then we can refrain from spending our hard-earned money on a “something” claiming to be “nothing” …right? Consumerism at its most confusing. This feels like a sneaky joke.

  5. @Bryan
    He originally tried to sell nothing but was at a loss as to how to send it and create a genuinely satisfying customer experience. Then he tried to sell everything, but the customer was soon lost in the overwhelming amount of shit they had to wade through. Finally, after a drunken binge marathon viewing of 2001: A Space Odyssey (he watched it 36 times over a 3 day weekend) he was suddenly inspired to create the ultimate representation of nothing. Consumers flocked to it and immediately took to the idea of owning nothing. Some quick market research showed that they were willing to spend no more than $30 on nothing, and anything below that price point made them feel cheap and lessened the experience. Not wanting to disappoint, de Graaff whipped up a very stark 2.0 website to fall inline with the self righteous ideologies and aesthetics of his demographic and the customer was pleased. Which, in the end, is exactly what you want, when you create nothing and sell it at an optimum price.

    Pity no one sees that kind of irony in Portlandia. Once inside the inner sanctum you have no idea how crazy you are.

  6. Current rate of exchange to US dollar with shipping is closer to $56. Kinda silly. Might be nicer to spend about $12-$15 on Patrick McDonnell’s book, “The Gift of Nothing” and learn a life lesson or two with your kids while you’re at it.

  7. I feel compelled to comment. Spending money on an object to remind yourself that you don’t need additional objects is poor design.

  8. Judging by the comments, if anything, it’s an excellent conversation piece. Hope my valentine will appreciate finally getting nothing ;)

  9. Nothing could be the opposite of Something?

  10. I will happily give you the real “nothing” experience – just PayPal me $20 and your “nothing” experience will begin. My skills allow me to send you “nothing” instantly so you can begin to feel nothing at its finest.

  11. I like the idea, I think I will make one myself. But I think a black sphere would be a more beautiful representation of nothingness.

    The irony did make me laugh when I scrolled to a product at the bottom (and just to be clear and to represent my people, I live in Portlandia :)

    On the topic of owning nothing – last night I sold my most beloved mirror on craigslist because I just moved and have no wall space to hang it, and I do not believe in storing furniture/decoration that is not in use. Sigh… but the tradeoff is a cleaner, larger living space which makes me happy.

  12. So “reminds people to enjoy everything they already have”? Like their common sense?

  13. Love the Concept! Love the Design! Love the Simplicity!

  14. This is an exquisite example of
    1) Reminding people to “Set the happiness bar low” (to make it easy to jump over)
    2) Selling something that isn’t really a breakthrough-invention :)
    But the overall absurdity has strong humour and charisma to me, I love it!

  15. …like a pet rock.

  16. Mind. Blown.

  17. If nothing else, this makes you stop and think…and re-think. And as a side note, I wonder how much money is being made from this “nothing!”

  18. i would actually like to CHOOSE the object
    and the MEANING
    so, if u are mourning sb, u choose a red pyramid to hold when the pain is overwhelming u. or what ever, a blue cube for happy thoughts, what ever, its more like a magic” object that helps” u reminisce…
    i should be cheappier or use the money for Katrina charity or sth, for people WHO HAS LOST EVERYTHING

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