All-In-One Kitchen Tool Set

All-In-One Kitchen Tool Set

This bottle looking device by Bin Akebono combines eight (!) kitchen essentials in one clever kit. An ideal gift for anyone living in tight spaces. The set includes a funnel, a lemon juicer, a spice grater, an egg masher, a cheese grater, a lid grip for loosening stubborn jar tops, an egg separator, and a 1 1/4 measuring cup. Seriously cool.

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  1. Wow a gadget for people that don’t cook. The majority of these tools are already in your kitchen:

    Lemon Squeezer:
    Use a fork and squeeze juice through your fingers to catch any pips.

    Spice grater:
    If you are really that much into spices that you must “grate them” my guess is you will have a mortar and pestle. The only spice worth grating is nutmeg and if you have a steel grater you are already set (see cheese grater below)

    Egg Masher:
    To mash an egg use a fork.

    Cheese grater: get a decent metal one like a microplane. if you have good parmesan for example a plastic grater won’t cut it anyway.

    Cap opener:
    Use a butter knife to lift the edge of the cap. This will open even the most stubborn caps.

    Egg Separator:
    Every egg comes with a separator build in. you can easily separate egg whites with two half egg shells.

    Leaves the measuring jug and funnel. You can get a cheap plastic funnel for a couple of dollars. And a 1 little Pyrex glass measuring jug will cost you about $10 and is more versatile.

    Don’t get me wrong I love my kitchen gadgets but this is truly one of those inventions that’s neither practical nor any good and in the long run will only clutter up your kitchen.

  2. This is a design blog, dude.

  3. Design is never ever an excuse, gal. (Unless it is bad design.)