Happy At Studiomates

After discovering Happy In NYC a few days ago I kept telling my studiomate Kevin he should dance through Studiomates, our co-working space. Today is Kevin’s birthday and Bas (of Like Knows Like) made it happen. You should see the smile on my face. I was holding the stereo as we walked through our spaces, and I am making a quick cameo at the end.


Happy birthday Kevin! You’re the best!

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  1. Happy Birthday Kevin :)
    huge space you got there, folks. Looks like you’re great people to be with. Both thumps up.


  3. Haha Pinky! :) We should do this every day!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Kevin! :-) Super cool. xx

  5. Loved it. Thanks for spreading happiness out into the Interwebs!

  6. Awesome, made my day! Happy Birthday from Aus Kevin!

    Now to go back to my quiet boring office

  7. Made me smile the whole song!! Happy Bday! That’s an awesome place to work

  8. made me laugh and cry at the same time. a beautiful way to start the day. Thank you so much!

  9. On devrait faire quelques pas de danse tous les matins… HAPPY MTL

  10. Just ebulent and uplifting , taking an excellent song and MOVING , everyone in a workplace, wandring through, and moving up and together. Delicious and gifted. Thankyou.

  11. How do you get one of those CM hats?

  12. Ha, I see my poster hanging at 3:13 on the right :)

  13. Now we’re ALL happy!!!! thank you!!!!

  14. This was just what I needed to bring me out of a funk #moregratitude #morehappy

  15. Love it! Wish I was there!

  16. Happy Birthday Kevin! I work with your mom and she shared this video with! What a dancer you are! WOW! Ya got some great moves! Keep dancing and “happy” Firday….

  17. Happy Birthday, Kevin! When we met last year you asked me to dance. Now I know why I said no – I would have just looked rediculous next to your most awesome talent and joy! Next time you come to Colorado we’ll try it again!

  18. Smoove moves Kevin! I’m there for the next dance party.

  19. This brought me so much joy today!

  20. Happy birthday Kevin! This made me happy!

  21. Brilliant. I’m happy.

  22. Share this in snowy Colorado at the hospital morning huddle meeting. You made us all HAPPY to go serve our patients. Happy Birthday Kevin!

  23. Fantastic! You make me laugh!!I am happy.
    Great performance, Kevin.Bon Anniversaire. Di Nga

  24. Smiling, clapping and crying! Happy Birthday, Kevin!

  25. Happy belated bdazzle day, Kevin. Wish I was there, cuz I gotz moves, too… ;)

  26. Of course for all that I have heard about StudioMates over the years I just assume this is an everyday occurrence.

  27. OMG, that is sooooo amazing. Happy birthday Kevin!

  28. Ah! This was so lovely to watch! So nice to see studiomates and all your smiling faces again. Love from South Africa :)

  29. Envious-of-this-office

    Not only have I never worked in a place like this, I’ve never met anyone who has or ever met anyone who would be this happy in an office.

    One day. Maybe

  30. Totally fantastic.

  31. That’s happy. Yep. And nice moves, Kevin!

  32. Awesome! Happy Birthday, Kevin!