Happy in NYC

happy in nyc

Happy In NYC was obviously inspired by Pharrell’s Happy project. As someone who *loves* living in NYC, this site is a big giant ball of I-love-living-here-happiness.

Interested in participating? Have an idea for an unusual or unique location for a video? Contact them!

(via Sally)

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  1. So cool! Here’s a version called “‘Happy’ in Beijing”. I’m partial to it, since that’s where I live right now :)

  2. There are quite a few cities that have done their own “Happy”. There’s London, Florence and (my current home town) Strasbourg (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ebo8s4sDKzg)

  3. ha ha, I reckon they are sprouting everywhere… here’s an Amsterdam version (nought to do with me but I love it too… ;)


    by this lot: http://amsterdamize.tumblr.com

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