The Story of Maggie Doyne

Please, do yourself a favor, watch the inspiring story of Maggie Doyne, founder of the Blink Now Foundation. I had the honor to meet Maggie last week. I have never been more impressed by a young woman. Ever.

Maggie and her children deserve our support.

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  1. What an incredible woman. She loves those kids so much. I can’t quite believe what she’s done. Her dreams are way bigger than a floating ramp, that’s for sure.

  2. So glad I watched this today. Her humility is amazing.

  3. You always share such amazing things! Thank you. And thank you to Maggie for being an inspiration. I am a sobbing, sniffling mess and late to work after watching her talk.

  4. An amazing inspiration.

  5. Tina!!!! Thank you for sharing my Do Lecture with your community of amazing people around the world.

  6. Thank you. This made my day and beyond…At one point I was thinking this should be a no brainer in terms of grants and fund raising. Who wouldn’t support her efforts and then I thought there is so much good in a slow, thoughtful rise lacking hype and media drama. . . One young girl with a very worthy dream babysitting and slowly winning grants. Maggie is young and fresh and wise. “Her Children” are very lucky indeed.

  7. Wow! Inspirational… well done, Maggie. How lovely for you to be supporting so many young children.

  8. Thank you Maggie for infecting us with your enthusiasm and joy of life. As a parent of two daughters I can’t help but think how proud your folks must be of you. Blessings to you as you head back to your children.
    p.s. Thank you Tina for this post!

  9. And amazing story.

  10. Thank you for this inspiring story! A GREAT reminder.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this eye opening story. I vow to share it, too. As a parent, I want my son to see this woman’s story and learn from her service, passion and drive.

  12. Truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing!