Link Pack

– Love this: Sheep & Stitch is all about learning how to knit beautiful patterns through step-by-step videos. But its larger purpose is to bring people back to creating, to the magic of making things with their own two hands.

Are Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hours of Practice Really All You Need?

– Wow! Mailchimp Merge lets you send emails directly from Google Docs and Sheets.

Endless app – brings you great hand-picked content from Wikipedia. It’ll amaze you, inspire you and stay with you forever.

10 Crucial Lessons From History’s Greatest Graphic Designers

– I know what I am trying this weekend: Brooklynite

Deskcamping: A new way for freelancers and startups to rent desk space.

– 43) If you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, don’t say it to them on Twitter. Twitter Tips.

– Wait, what? Instagram Marshmallows?

– Wow! Google Street View Now Has a ‘Time Machine’ Feature

– Love these wooden kids plates.

– Yes, the world doesn’t need this product, but it made me laugh: Fixie Pizza Cutter

– Wonderful conversation between Brené Brown and Chase Jarvis.

Vintage Movie Archive on YouTube.

How to Take Control of a Difficult Conversation

– Sleep! The Doctor Who Coaches Athletes on Sleep

– Before you speak, THINK!

How to make ketchup!

Knitted Comfort Food. Made me laugh.

This looks like a long pom-pom gone necklace.

Duolingo lets you learn languages by dueling people around the world!

Fixed vs. Growth – the two basic mindsets that shape our lives and how to cultivate the one that predicts success

Eyebombing in Madrid.

– Colorful, washable tote bags made out of recycled materials.

– The fine folks at Harvest are looking to hire a Customer Support Person.

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  1. I was excited about Sheep and Stitch, but then I saw they teach the American style of knitting.

    Americans!! The Continental style is three times faster!

  2. The blueberry monster necklace really made me smile.

  3. Thanks for featuring our necklace :)


  4. Found you via the recent mention by Seth Godin:

    Great collection of links!

  5. Hey Ruben!

    I run Sheep & Stitch! I do teach the English style of knitting, but I’m an equal opportunity knitter, so I’ll be teaching Continental very soon along with Magic Loop and other slightly more advanced techniques! Thing is, English style tends to be easier for a beginner, which is why I chose to start there. But Continental will have it’s day in the sun. Promise!