Two Options

Want Less

It seems so simple.

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  1. Want Less = Contentment! Nice.

  2. You will be never reach if you just earn more. There is always more you will want.

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  5. This has been written on a chalkboard in my kitchen for many years and we even changed the way that we live by focussing on wanting less.

  6. The first way needs hard work & commitment, so I would go with the first option !

  7. I guess it is that simple! Great quote.

  8. Or change your name to Richard.

  9. Inherit a large sum of money.

    Win a large some of cash.

    Find a bag of unmarked non-traceable bills in a paper sack.


    Insurance settlement.

    Find a cache of gold coins while out for a walk.

    Find a piece of art stowed in your attic from someone famous.

    Find a meteorite on your property.

    Think of something useful, patent, sell the patent.


    Sell your organs (1x kidney, 1x lung, 1x bone marrow, 1x cornea).

    The list of alternate possibilities that are just as likely to make you rich, or content with your social status is almost endless.