A Frame Picnic Table


I am head over heels in love with this modern picnic table from CB2.

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  1. metal?

    leave this out in the sun, come to sit on it and will be way tooo hot.

    material choice not fit for purpose.

    very good reason outdoor furniture is usually made of wood.

  2. It is aluminum. If you’ve ever put foil in the oven, you’ll notice that even at 400 degrees it doesn’t get very hot.

  3. haha “it doesn’t get very hot.”, yeah if it’s only in there for seconds. try baking something in it.

    this table, out in 30c all day, could not be used for lunch or evening meal.

  4. I think it’s very simple and elegant. There’s not much sun where I come from anyway so the material wouldn’t affect me.

  5. I’m not sure if this would be my first choice lol. I like that it wouldn’t get too hot, but we are more interested in a wooden picnic table to replace the standard table we have now. I do agree that it’s very simple and elegant which is why we are going to make the switch.

  6. While there’s the occasional time that a first generation new item at CB2 is a flop, I think overall their furniture and housewares are great quality for excellent prices (though that makes it sound like I work for them, haha). My wife and I have had great luck with desks and office chairs from CB2, and I would expect this table to be just as solid.

    I wonder if drilling a few holes in it could help with avoiding rainwater from collecting on the flat surfaces?