Friday Link Pack

– Next time you look up into a starry sky, read this: The Fermi Paradox: Where the hell are the other earths?

– Excited to read Weingart: The Man and the Machine. Weingart taught for over 30 years at Basel School of Design and now this book documents his students reflecting on his teaching.

OTO, the famous ice cream truck, now comes in cat size. Yup.

The Found Art of Thank-You Notes

– “A mature understanding of the madness of crushes turns out to be the best and perhaps the only solution to the tensions of long-term love.” On the madness and charm of crushes

Mister Softee Ice Cream Truck Printed Pillow

– Fun: Neon Adjustable Ring Geometric Leather

– Ever think you’re getting old? I just learned that the moon has orbited the earth 540 times since I was born. Ok!

– Why would you want to sacrifice a couple of square feet to a dish drying rack, when this compact roll-up alternative turns an open sink into a place for anything to drip dry?

Your brain on chocolate vs. kissing.

– I would love this FRESH POTS sign at Studiomates to indicate fresh coffee is ready! Go Mailchimp for always coming up with fun stuff like this.

– I am not into sports, but this made me look: A scale replica of your favorite team’s stadium, made entirely of LEGOs.

– Now that’s a stylish mug: MUGr

BULBING is an optical illusion LED lamp.

– So tempted to get this Adult Cookie Monster costume and answer Skype video calls wearing it.

– A tent hotel on Rockaway beach? Yes, please!

A Type House Divided, the story of Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones


– Tattly launched a tattoo by Stefan Sagmeister: Self-confidence produces fine results.

– ÄKTA in Chicago is looking for a Sr. User Interface (UI) Designer.

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  1. Do the Cookie Monster thing, do it! I keep a spare shirt in my office and I change into it whenever a Skype call gets disconnected, just to mess with the person on the other end. Bonus points for throwing your hair up and swiping on different lipstick, too. Ya gotta find a way to have fun with these technical difficulties. :)

  2. So where is everybody?

    good question

  3. love the groovey hey laura song.. slow.. slow music.. mmmm mmmm
    Thanks team S-M!
    have a great week Tina and co.

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