Friday Link Pack

Connecting: Makers is the second film in the Connecting Series. See the first film, Connecting, at

This animated gif wins.

– Just like Joanna, this Seinfeld clip about bedtime routines made me laugh out loud. Start listening at 4:07.

Cat Sushi. (no worries, not to eat) Made me laugh.

David Bowie’s Top 100 Books

Build for Love.

– This made me laugh: Kids react to old computers.

– Oh my, does Ringly mean I’d have to also charge my jewelry?

UseSparingly explores the role of common language through satirical redefinition. i.e Two cents: A value affixed to an opinion that is simultaneously unwelcome and annoyingly helpful

– A pile of bunnies and hover boarding bears. Wonderfully absurd.

– Sat next to an incredibly adorable 2 year in the subway this week and offered her some Tattly. Turns out the dad is Seb Gorey, a ridiculously talented graffiti artist and fashion designer. I love NYC. So much.

– Keep coming back to this TED Talk by Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter …

Rifle Paper Wallpaper. #headexplode

John Updike on Family Affairs

The iconic Brooklyn Kentile Floors sign will be removed but resurrected nearby

– Tattly launched a with Rifle Paper Co Set this week.

– The fine folks of Area 17 in SF are looking to hire an Interactive Designer.

– “Like all tools, the baloney detection kit can be misused, applied out of context, or even employed as a rote alternative to thinking. But applied judiciously, it can make all the difference in the world — not least in evaluating our own arguments before we present them to others.” The Baloney Detection Kit by Carl Sagan

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  1. LOVED the Sarah Kay talk.