Friday Link Pack

The one-and-only Moby spoke at CreativeMornings/Los Angeles on creativity, inspiration, and the freedom to fail.

– I wouldn’t say no to this ‘office shed‘ in my backyard. Wait, I don’t have a backyard. Never mind.

– A bench you can easily wheel around. Yes, please.

Tentsile is an ingenious portable suspended treehouse that installs like a hammock.

– I don’t surf. But these beautiful surfboards make me want to.

– Some of my studiomates are currently in Iceland, which reminded me of this video piece by Swiss artist Roman Signer, amplifying his snoring into Icelandic nature. Ha.

How graffiti vanished from NYC subways

– Team Holstee created a letterpress poster out of Maria Popova’s 7 personal life lessons.

Why We Name Our Stuff

– Mirai Chan is a little japanese girl, the polarizing main character of a series of books by photographer Kotori Kawashima.

My First New York: Early Adventures in the Big City

Don’t wash chicken before cooking it. (via)

– I have been using Sanebox for a good year now. Not that my email situation is under control, but it made it so much better.

DESIGN is… What CEOs should know about design (via)

– Nice. Ugmonk cross pocket leather wallet.

Leaf shaped coasters.

David Hieatt speaking at Digital 2014.

– If you’re a Seth Godin fan you will love this talk and even better Q&A he gave at last year’s Nearly Impossible Conference.

– Love this minimal Toddler Bed.

Alan Watts introduces America to meditation and eastern philosophy (1960)

Pleat. Minimal shelving.

– 5 questions you’ll need to settle workplace disagreements.


Marinated Flank Steak. Looks tasty.

– Friends of mine are looking to buy or rent a place here in NYC. Stumbled upon these LEGO glasses, I think it would make them laugh.

The Overprotected Kid: A preoccupation with safety has stripped childhood of independence, risk taking, and discovery—without making it safer. A new kind of playground points to a better solution.

The Graying of AIDS: Stories from an Aging Pandemic challenges how we think about HIV and AIDS, and how we think about aging.

– The fine folks of Brooklyn based Flocabulary are looking to hire a Marketing Director.

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  1. i love you…

  2. The main nugget I got from this was the comparison of LA vs. NY.
    I never knew LA was that kind of town where experiments and curiosity for creatives is more welcome and manageable, if failure occurs. Nice to know!

    And two, I CAN’T BELIEVE PEOPLE DIDN’T LIKE ‘EXTREME WAYS’! That track was BANG-A-RANG from the JUMP!!
    I think the masses didn’t like it, but his TRUE FANS, the true music lovers were jamming to it despite what any critics or MTV had to say or not play.
    Screw trends. Enjoy the things you love. ;)

  3. Regarding the rolling, wooden bench.

    I have a photo of that bench from Luzern. It was installed outside of a ‘modern’ furniture store. I took photos from several angles so that I could build one when I got home. Thank you for the reminder :)