Yours Truly in Conversation with Chase Jarvis

I had the pleasure to fly out to San Francisco for SF Design Week and appear as guest on Chase Jarvis LIVE. The fine folks behind CreativeLive work crazy fast as the conversation is already up on YouTube. How pro is Chase at this interview thing? Impressive, right? Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Nice one Tina!
    Chase seems like a lovely guy yeeeeeh!

    I’m so glad you’re into stamps too! I try to put at least one hello kitty on all of my orders, ‘cos nothing says PACKAGE FROM JAPAN like hello kitty aj!?

    Here’s one that went a little overboard ^_^ :


  2. Your blog, your projects and your ideas are fantastic and always so inspiring. Thank you for sharing yourself with the rest of us!

  3. In 2009, OFFF had a ‘Fail Gracefully’ theme to their conference. It was such a breath of fresh air because at the time, designers would only show their success stories or the things that went right.

    I find it difficult to learn or empathise with Swiss-miss sometimes: It all seems like a wave of perfect projects that just worked, first time, with no effort. Build it & they, and their money, will come. My short experience of the world of design is not like this. Are we all doing something horribly wrong over here?

    I’m not hating promise. The work is great & the stories are fun & the style & approach of everything her is really great. wouldn’t come here all the time I didn’t love it. But I look at the world of design I’ve seen & the world talked about here…theres no cross over at all.

    If Miss Miss has ever failed at anything or had a project not work in some way, it would be so interesting to hear about it.

  4. I’ve never seen Chase and his audience laugh so much. :cD